「How Beautiful ~English ver.~」の歌詞 さかいゆう

2012/5/23 リリース
Lost in a desert, I just might be deeper than the sea
Don't know my way back home
Could be the end of this road I know
Never I learned, how to swim like a fish or live like a camel
Every once in a while I forget how to breathe on my own

Oh Now that I can say to you
Oh How I've let my own pride
take me away so far away
As I close my eyes I reach out to the sky
I need you right by my side

How Beautiful
Just one more time if my wish could come true
How Beautiful
That place where I once belonged
I remember I was there by your side

My words and yours keep turning the roundabout way
But deep inside I always know just what you see and feel

Oh Something about those hands
Oh Everything they touch can
glow like the stars Venus and Mars
As the city lights keep shining through the night

How Beautiful
All the way across this whole wide world
How Beautiful
Surrendering with my all

How Beautiful
If you were here, what a beautiful world
How Beautiful It's you that I'm waiting for
You brought the light
and made me feel I'm alive