「FIRST TIME」の歌詞 松田聖子

1996/5/14 リリース
Sometimes I've thought about love
And wanted to believe
But it's hard to keep my faith in what
I can't see

Take a lonely heart and give it half a chance
Is what you said
It's never too late for you
To open your heart and try again

For the first time I know
Love changes everything
For the first time I know just how it feels...
yeah baby

And for the first time I know
That you're all I ever need
For the first time I know that love is real
For the very first time

I used to think tomorrow
Was just another day
And tonight would just be
One more lonely night

I was wrong and I spoke too soon
I never thought you'd find me here
Everything that was so confused
When I'm in your arms
It's so clear

It's all so easy
And you're the reason why
Cause feeling is believing
You make it feel so right
Now that we're both together
Nothing can tear us apart
You give me your love and devotion
I promise you my heart