「Medley Of "The Queen Of Hearts" (Off With Their Heads ~ Hail The Queen)」の歌詞 渡辺美里

2012/11/14 リリース
Jack Murphy
Frank Wildhorn
[Off With Their Heads]

Off with their heads
It's the least I can do
Off with their heads
It's the only phrase that
Always rings true, never gets old, so I say to you
With conviction ...

Off with their heads it's my one real milieu
Everyone dreads what the queen may say
Though hats they may doff, it will be off with their heads!

I try to be even and fair
But as you see I'm almost never all quite there
Noblesse oblige my derriere
When I demand all must adhere
I wave my hand and all my courtiers appear
And when they don't or if they won't
Loud and clear it's...

Off with their heads I don't care what they've done
Off with their heads is my first and second
Rule number one, once you've begun, well it's so much fun
All together ...
Off with their heads - is a mantra of mine
Off with their heads is my bottom line and
If you dare scoff, well then it's off with your head!

Don't need a congress or a constitution
For it's a forgone conclusion
That every problem has the same solution
Persuade, crusade, with a custom-made
Renewable, doable unmisconstruable stainless steel blade

Off with their heads it's the least I can do
Off with their heads is the only phrase that
Always rings true, baby, it's off off off off
Off off off with their heads!
Off with their heads
Off with their heads
Mama says off with their heads yeah....

[Hail The Queen]

The first of my amendments says that everyone must be
Much shorter than they are if they're as tall as me
And I hereby decree it's always yesterday today
To make tomorrow more than just a day away
For in wonderland what I say goes and...
I will brook no interference

For in wonderland what she says goes
All hail the queen!

And friday shall be wednesday in each month that ends in "R"
And objects that are nearer will seem twice as far
And all a writer's sentences will end when they begin
By making tenses suit whatever mood I'm in

For in wonderland we understand and
Will not tolerate confusion

For in wonderland we understand
All hail the queen!

Your majesty is right of course

Of course I am I am the source
And will not suffer those who disagree

Like tweedle dum and tweedle dee
We all heartily agree, your highness

I do agree, your majesty, I do agree, I do agree

With me? I see, then you shall be ... let's see...?

Perhaps ambassador at large?

Agreeing to agree that she's agreeing

For in wonderland I make the rules and
I can change them when I want to

Yes, in wonderland she makes the rules
All hail the queen!