2009/6/24 リリース
Andy Littlewood
She can make it happen
If there is good reason
All it takes is strong belief
She can make it go away
Through a state of mind she plays that game

Trial and retribution
It's the real solution
Following her destiny

And there's nowhere to go
When she's losing control
Watch the start of the show
It's gone beyond believing

Locked inside there's a spark that ignites
When the world is dark she will set it alight
Making a stand, taking the law in these hands
Giving the power to command

And now they search high and low for the gift that she holds
And who's going to win when the story unfolds
This organization that stays underground
The police department won't rest till she's found
Go on a journey into this scene
Vigilante, doing her best to survive
Tonight, watch it ignite

We're caught up in the crossfire
Lost inside the atmosphere
Challenging your ever fear
To find out if it's right or wrong

We'll journey into Tokyo
Travel through the danger zone
On the way to the unknown
Controlling this power so strong

She can make it happen