2007/7/25 リリース
It's driving me wild, it's driving me wild

This my world
It's driving me wild I got to see what's up before it's get me down
It's driving me wild I got to see what's up before it's get me down
It's driving me wild I got to see what's up before it's get me down
It's not a mystery it's everything

[Verse One]
She was the type to watch Oprah and the Today Show
Be on the treadmill like okay go
Had a body on her body that you can't pay for
That means she had some dees on her but they wasn't fake though
Had drive for drive on Rodeo
She spent Peso on those labels
Spin class at the gym strip tease on the pole
She was so obsessed with her body and clothes
To every party she goes tryin hard to be chose
They say it hard for a pimp but extra hard for these hoes
Read US and People mag tryin to get the scoop
Chasing an actor for a Bentley coupe
She recruited a ball player from the Clippers
Then come the pumps off thinking she was number one
But she was just a jump off

Doing all she can for the man and the baby
Driving herself crazy like the astronaut lady


[Verse Two]
He had paper since we were in high school
Pop was a doc, moms taught at my school
Rocked with the rocks in his ear
He kept jewels one of the Diddy type that
Lived the Damon Dash news
Mr. Maserati sport read the Rhyme Report
Wanted to be Mike but he was never live at sports
Since golf was in he was on the driving course
To live the rap life is what he was striving for
Spending cash at the bar just to get credit
Drinking Chandon just because Big said it
They said game is but you was big headed
Rock a fur in the summer so somebody would pet it
He had a fetish for shoes that's athletic
Pathetic on his my space page half naked
It's a shame what they do for fame and to be respected
Yo you could've got it if you never would have stressed it


[Verse Three]
They was one of them couples
People say they were the hit
Unbreakable like Bobby and Whit
Or Ryan and Reese or Kimora and Russ
Relationships can be dead
But look live to us
I guess we all been through it
Where we tried too much
Loosing yourself and your mind and stuff
Wishing for the diamond cuffs
In search for a ring
Your love is not a mystery it's everything