2007/7/4 リリース
Baby, I wanna tell you that you smell so good,
And, you know you that I like it when you touch me.(ooooh ahhhh)
You've been missing me all day long,
Waiting for me to come home,
I think you know what is on my mind,
Come over here, oh baby,

Say that you love me, say that you need me

No space between us,
I like what you're doing, Baby just please me,
No space between us,
Say that you love me, you'll never leave me,
No space between us,
I want you all night, so baby stay with me
No space between us,

Baby, now that you're lying next to me,
Go ahead, boy I'm into what you're feeling
We'll be doing it all night long,
Baby, lets get it on,
Work the middle till you hit the spot,
Don't slow down cause we're almost there


I wanna wake up next to you, cause you make me feel so good
Even a minute away makes me go so crazy,
I could spend my life with you,
Cause I know your love is true,
I could never be bored, cause you're so amazing.