「ALL THE WAY」の歌詞 Craig David

2008/11/25 リリース
Ooh baby oh yeah
Ooh you know about the after party
Oh, oh yeah, alright

If you know you're gon' be hittin' the club tonight
Then you gotta make sure that you're looking right
Getting all dressed up (to the nines)
With a fresh hair cut (and)
If your peeps intend on staying 'round yours tonight
You can jump into a cab there's no need to drive
Keep your glass filled up
(And feel no pressure)
'Cos tonight it's alright

And if you're feeling lucky
Might find yourself somebody tonight yeah
Don't it just set it off thinkin' of
When you step into the party
The vibe that's gon' be waiting inside
So just get onto the dance floor yeah

* Stand up everybody, get up now move your body
Straight up we're having a party
'Cos tonight we're goin' all the way
(Want out) well that's cool with me
Grab your coat girl come chill with me
We'll pull up to the after party
'Cos tonight we're going all the way

Now the DJ's on the mic and the crowd is hype
Everybody's on the floor 'cos the vibe is right
Ladies shakin' it up (gettin' down)
Fellas with their hands up (and)
You can tell this jam is straight off the hook tonight
And there ain't nobody in here lookin' to fight
Trying to mess things up

'Cos we all came here to party tonight

Let's finish what we started
Now everybody's out on the floor yeah
Just party on party on
We all came here to party
Where drinks don't stop 'til six in the morning
Then on to the after party

* Repeat (X2)

And when the DJ stops at the break of dawn
We'll grab our coats and make our way up to the door
If it's slow jams you want
Then back to mine for sure
We'll have an after, after party yeah

* Repeat (X2)