2008/7/2 リリース
The sky is blue like you've never seen
The wind is glued to my ears
The sun is warm, I feel so full and happy
But I feel like shit, nothing going right
Thought things are going good. Maybe not
C'mon JC, will ya please lighten my way up?

Nothing is ok, everything's not ok
So I must have been sucked into a shit-hole
I'm not gonna sit still, hell no
Hey you look at me, I'm gonna make it my way

It's party time so let's go
It's been the bottom of nightmare
The life is ups and downs? So the ancient anything
I'm so ready let's go
Hey, turn it up, you see now
Now I catch the big wave, it's coming my way

Nothing is good so worn-out
Traffic is jammed so stuck now
Life is stopped so dead-end
happy? this way?
The clouds passing over my head
The clock doesn't struck, I'm so stuck
I guess should, just start over from the beginning, yeah