「PEOPLE I BELONG TO」の歌詞 Gino Vannelli

1996/9/11 リリース
Oh my father, when he was a barber
He worked his body hard to make ends meet
Oh my mother remains his lover
The things they did, the things they said

Go round and round inside my head for good

Oh my brother, when he was a school boy
Gave up all his dreams to take on mine
Oh my brother, now I have me one other
Oh the things we've said, the things we've done
Stay in my heart since I was young

*No, this world won't change for me
The special things in life are free
I've always known and understood
There are people I belong to for good

Oh my lady, she was my baby
She get me through my days and through my nights
My lover, now I have me no other
Oh the things we do, the things we say
I get more and more in love each day

* Repeat

Oh my mother and my father
Oh and my brother
And my lover
Oh my mother, oh and my father
And my brother yea
And my lover