「Ride It」の歌詞 Jay Sean

2008/7/16 リリース
verse 1.
its been about a month and 20 days.
and we're going round and round jus playing silly games.
now your saying slow it down not right now.
then ya wink at and me walk away.

bridge 1.
let it be let it be let be known.
hold on don't go - touching and teasing me telling no.
but this time i need to feel you...

ride it - we're all alone.
ride it - just lose control.
ride it- ride it - come touch my soul.
ride it - ride - let me feel you.
ride it - turn the lights down low.
ride it - from head to toe.
ride it - ride it - come touch my soul.
ride it - ride - let me feel you...

verse 2.
movida was the club on saturday.
ya actin like a diva sayin you don't wanna pay.
its gotta be ya feisty style, raised eye brow.
i love it when you look at me that way.
now we're in - you ordr a mohito at the bar.
ya re-apply ya lippy cos it came off on the glass.
the dj plays ya favourite song, kanye's on.
now ya beckoning for me to dance.

bridge 2.
pullin me pullin me pullin me close.
just close your eyes girl - whispering tellin me we gotta go.
wont you take me home i want to ride it.


middle 8.
everything was right until her phone began to ring.
she takes it to the corner thats when i start wondering.
i can hear her shouting banging fists against the door.
yelling yo its over i cant take it anymore.
then i walk away and act all nonchalant and cool.
i aint tryna get all caught up in her mess for real.
but she came on out and backed me up against the wall.
she said i know you heard but i'll make you forget it all.