「GIVING MYSELF」の歌詞 Jennifer Hudson

2008/9/30 リリース
I never been who I wanna be
I never felt completely free
No one's ever had all of me
Who made me feel so beautiful and sexy
Now I'm flying like an airplane
Now I'm riding on the open rage
Now I'm living out my destiny
I know the truth
I got it all, you and me

I'm giving myself over to you
Body and soul
I'm giving it all
I'm giving myself over to you now

Like a brand new day
Now you and I with our face to face
Ain't nobody got nothing to say, no
And from my feelings, I never have to run away
No more, because of he's here
Holding me tight
Every day and night
Ooooh babe
Can't you see
I don't wanna be without you anymore

Chorus x2

For the first time
I can stand in front of someone
I can be me
I can just let my love spill over
I can cry
I don't have to lie

I can finally let someone know the way inside
All the way
All the way
All the way
Yeah ooooh yeah

Chorus x2

You know it's the right time
I know it's the right night
I know it's the right light
I know you're the right man
I know I'm the right girl
Come on now feel it
You feel it
A way to give it all to you
(repeat W/ adlib x2)

I'll never love nobody else...