2008/9/24 リリース
I told yall I that I would make a killin
I told yall I'd blow like Mt. Saint Helens
I told yall the truth they played me like a villian
I'm sick on paper the ink's the pennicillin
I told yall the real they started catchin feelin.
Motherfuckem all throw your L's to the ceilin
Cool J still hotter than helicopter crashin lava
Still sweeter to the ladies than a box of Godiva
The music industry is like a game of cops and robbers
To many Indians no chiefs to follow
What I'm sowin today I'll be reapin tommorow.
So here's some joyful bar's to replace your sorrow
I'm beyond a legend I'm iconic
Fall off re build your man bionic
Put your trust in me
I'll never let you down
I always come up with a way to checkmate these clowns
Elliminate these clowns
Trying to take me down
Ask Puffy and Nas
Who hate me now
The phenomenon
Ladies love the don
I give em a eargasm they can't keep calm

I told yall I was comin back
I told yall I ain't goin out like that
I told yall I was the greatest to ever rap
I built Def Jam I took a piss on the map
I told yall I wasn't like them other cat's
I'm fresh like wii
Them nigga playin jacks
They all of bunch a rats
They copying off 2 Pacs tats
Wearin tuxedo to hide to tight speedo
My chains is tucked in I'm icognido
Fuck with your ego and touch your girls labido
There will never be one flyer
LL Cool J I takin higher and higher on fire the goat the grand cire
What good are 24s if your on flat tire
Sellin your soul and then performin with a choir
People please don't listen to these liars
Ladies and gentlemen these niggas you sellin

you a bunch of irrevelant shit
It's not intelligent is it my shit equsite don't follow the yellow brick road
Them niggas fakin like the wizard

Is it really possible I'm this hot
LL Cool J still on top
24 yrs I ain't forget the block
You can ask my man j in the shop
Linden blvd lil coupe big rocks
Realestate only I ain't fuckin with them stock
Why not so my grand kids can feed their grandkids
And their grankid's can feed their dam kids
Oconnel Park throw your hand in the air
Jump and ball tournament a cool j affair
My word is my bond every summer I'm there
yall can jump double Dutch while I'm layin in the cut
I told yall wasn't givin up
I told yall I can jump on track and switch the rhythm up.
Do work treat rap ripped skirt sow it up rep you hood nigga throw it
up you? You've been standin by my side
For years sold out concert screams and cheers
Front tee shirt L we hear
I bought every album to many to countem
Watch your movies you're the only good thing about em
Todd Smith jeans I can't live with out em
And the only thing I want from you is for you to keep doin
that shit that you do