「DON'T LET THIS BE THE END」の歌詞 New Found Glory

2009/3/10 リリース
Yes your motives are tasteless
But your mouth is so bitter sweet
When my worst fears surround me
I'll just wait for you to sweep me right off my feet
And your face turns blush red
As you scream for forgiveness
The mistakes you can't forget
Is the regret that you'll live with
Hey we're starting to break up
So please don't let this be the end
I'm not afraid of the consequence
I'll take the blame for it all
Or for the sake of the argument
I'll just wait for my conscience to call
This is something new
And it's not what Im used to
This is something new
And I just might end up losing you
All we are
And all that we've done
Can't forget the places that you have been
I hope I get to see it again.