2009/3/10 リリース
I wake up in a waiting room with the taste of blood, and a clouded view I notice there is a tear in my jeans
The sleeves of my shirt have been ripped from their seams and my memory is a little bit blank
The thought of my name doesn't seem to come back and I turn and scream
What am I here for The nurses yell "you were left at the door"
I'm a stranger, and someone left me for dead and I need to decide what to do next
Oh just then I found a note in my pocket it read "I don't ever want to see you again" and I guess that explains why I can't remember the rest of the night
I should have listened to my friends
I should have listened to them when they told me you had bad intentions
I remember the string of events from the dinner receipt, when I grabbed your hand
I know that you went in for a kiss, and I told you that not only what this is
You held me at the end of my seat then you had that look the look of defeat
You wish that you can start this over instead you left me in a coma