2002/10/17 リリース
Every night, look up to the stars in the sky
Only where we can feel each other reminds me of
your smile

Your cute smile, shiny eyes
Your big mouth and your laugh
Everything is precious for me
Can't lose none of them

Whenever, wherever
I'm thinking of you
All night, waiting for your call
How stupid do I look to you?

Nothing wrong with you
Just wanna show how much I love you
Get me whenever you want me
I'll be right there for you daring

What I do every morning is to read your notes
That's how my days start with your warm hearted

Your pierces, your perfume
Photos of you and me
Staying here with me, waiting for you just like me

Whenever, wherever
Please think about me
Alright, I make you crazy
Oh, how stupid can you be?

Nothing wrong with you
I need you, I want you, I love you
You know, we are together
We do not care how far we could be