「No Worry」の歌詞 S.M.N.

2010/9/8 リリース
I got the key
Let's go out! You and me

Step on the seat, I'll bring you there
This is the start for making dream, we can be high
Start on journey

Over the sea, long trip there
Nothing with doubt of saying dreams
No need to be shy

Free sky, mean high
Go find, be kind
No say lie, we're fine

This trip is hell I'm gonna yell
But make it well Nothing to sell
I want to tell We make it swell
I'll ring this bell
I don't know why this won't go wrong nothing to care
Well done, start!
For you and me

Its there, I never care
Its always fair, no worry, well

Its up to me
Its up to me
Grateful feeling, shout out for you and me