2000/1/19 リリース
The kid is a two-year-old boy.
He is my sister's child.
Both my father and mother were glad of
the birth of their grandchild.
But I could not take interest in him,
when he was born.
I don't dislike him but could not get to like him.

The boy's name is K.
He comes around like every season,
and becomes a little king in my house for a while.

He pays little respect to other people's feelings.
Always bravely stands up to me with a big big smile.
I was defeated by this big big smile.
Took a bath with him.
And we played with his toys in the water in the tub.

K comes to my house.
k comes to my house with happy mood.
K comes to my house. Lovely little king.
K has come and the calm is gone.