「A FOOL AT HEART」の歌詞 Stephen Bishop

1994/5/19 リリース
There's a million hearbeats
Out here in the dark
And every little step you take
Leads you into the center
'Till you catch a spark

Then you watch it glow
Until it turns into a spotlight
And the world could fall apart
All around you
But two can make it
If it's love
Walk right on through

But please
Don't make a fool of me
I spent my whole life believing

Right from the start
I was a fool at heart

There's a young boy
Singing in a bar next door
And he's singing of love so sweet
But he's much too young to know
What it means
It makes me smile

I wounder how he'll feel
When he sings those songs for real

Oh and I, know better than to fall for you
You see, every man has a dream to his own
And I've thrown all but one away
If you want to stay then...


We got time
(I know it)
Now that you're mine
(I'll show it)
You and me together
Will just get to be
(Better and better)
Don't let me down
(If you see me low)
Just pick me off the ground
(Don't you let me go)