「WHEN I WAS IN LOVE」の歌詞 Stephen Bishop

1994/5/19 リリース
Show me
Show me
Where I should fall
There's not a friend
I can call
Who can drive me home
Not one more alibi
Will I sell to myself
It's a game for me
And no one else

But when I was in love
Life was easier to bear
And each day
Went by without a care
Now I sit and dream about
The way it used to be
When I was in love
When I was in love

When those memories take you
Where you don't want to go
It's dark and it's cold
You're only halfway home
And home's so far away
From anywhere I feel tonight
At least once in my life
It worked out all right

When I was in love
All my tears were not in vain
And I smiled
For every drop of rain
Pick up the pieces from the floor
And try and find
The me I was before...
When I was in love

Still you've got to go on living
Tell your heart there's no forgiving
She'll know what it's like
To be alone

Everybody's moving
And I'm standing still
I'll be waiting until
That old moon comes down
To shake my hand
I don't know why I can't
Ever come out the winner
Aw, I was just a beginner
When I was in love...