「WASTED WORDS」の歌詞 The Allman Brothers Band

1997/10/14 リリース
Can you tell me, tell me friend
Just exactly where I've been
Is that so much to ask
I'll pay you back no matter what the tast
You seem really sure about something I don't know
Take that load off
Looks like you're just about to go
Your wasted words already been heard
All you really got is yes or no

Well all day and half the night
You walkin' round lookin' such a fright
God is it me or is it you
I'd make a wager and I'd hope to lose
Time gonna look like the road is about to fall
Sure gonna fall
Next time take an elevator please don't fall, no
Your wasted words are so adsurd
Are you really sayin' yes or no
Tell me now, babe

Well I ain't no saint
Sure as hell ain't no saviour
Every other Christmas l would practice good behavior
That was then, this is now
Don't ask me to be Mister Clean
'Cause baby I don't know how
Read my palm about ten more times and you will see
Find that broken line and let it be
Your wasted words will never be heard
Go on home, baby and watch it on T.V
Weekdays soapbox speciality
You know what I'm talkin' about now
By the way this song for you
Concerning me