「HOLLA AT ME」の歌詞 Tiffany Villarreal

2004/10/14 リリース
Verse I
Today I wanna tell my story
How me and my man got together
At first I thought he wasn't for me
Boy was I wrong
I tried my hardest to resist him
But he wouldn't take no for an answer
And by him being so persistent
A true love was born

He was trying to holla at me
First I wasn't interested
He kept on getting at me
Next thing you know we connected
Now he means so much to me
More than I ever expected
And we're in L.O.V.E.
There's no better place to be

Verse II
When I look back and think about it
How I wasn't trying to hear him
What was I thinking bout
I'm glad I woke up
Because I almost didn't have
The one person that I can't live without
And I would be a total wreck
If we ever broke up


He got through to me and help me
See that we were destined to be
With each other

Hook out