「BOUNCE FEAT DR.DRE, MISSY ELLIOTT & JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE」の歌詞 Timbaland,Dr.Dre,Missy Elliott,Justin Timberlake

2007/3/30 リリース
Tempo has reached critical level, tempo has reached critical level
Bounce, ooh I like you
Come here girl, come here girl, come here girl, bounce
Come here girl, come here girl, come here girl, bounce
Come here girl, come here girl, come here girl, let me talk to you

Let me seem them big titties them and assaditty and that pretty
Bring bread if you want to get with me
All I wanna do is dig up in that business
Tell your boyfriend he better mind his business

Before he get up in the trunk of my Bentley
I'm a fuckin boss he can't hear me
He ain't got enough paper to deal with me
Baby girl wanna two-step with me
Turn around put that ass up against me
Baby c'mon let's get tipsy hit it tonight and tomorrow you're history
All you haters with that old shit, miss me
I stay strapped, security don't frisk me
Set it off till this mothafucka empty
I turn around do the same shit next week

Bounce, like yo ass had the hiccups
Bounce, like we was ridin' in my pickup
Bounce, why a nigga so sad, baby girl you need to cheer up
Bounce, I got the remedy
It's you on me,
Then me on you,
Then you on me,
Then me on you,
Then you on her,
Then her on me,
Then her on you,
Then y'all on me
Then me on y'all
Then y'all on me
Menage a trois
Menage a trois

Dr. Dre:
There she go,
Just what the doc's been lookin' for
She just what I need
Mack in Chinese like some young ho
I got a bungalow
We could disappear for a week or so (yeah)
I got a stadium flow
Super Bowl wit it like I'm Dungy, yo
Yes, congratulations, you won a millionaire invitation
Sorry, I'm so demandin'
You could save the dancin'
For back at the mansion and,
Ay, this money handsome, ay
That a panty anthem,
I'd kill me, just like you from the back, you'll see


Missy Elliot:
Hold up, hell nah
Like Britney Spears, I wear no drawers
In the club I drink it up (Gulp Gulp)
Drink it up
Got Patron, sippin'in my cup
That's ya man, I bet I could make him look
When he sees the jugs, he wanna rush,
He give ya the quick touch of the big ol' butt
mm hmmm, big ol' butt
Thick legs, big ol'jugs
Legs thick, like rims on the truck
Take me to the crib, yeah we gon' fuck
You can call me a freak, we like to get buck
I don't have to do much to make you get it up
Some young ho, she worth 2 dollars
I'm worth more dollars they make in beauty parlors
I pop collars, c-c-c-collars
I don't buy shots, I only buy the bottles
Only rich girls, we only buy the bottles
And like a pornstar, I'm best when I swallow