「OH TIMBALAND」の歌詞 Timbaland

2007/3/30 リリース
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce,

Ain't got no feelin, I'm a let these niggas know
I been killin 'em with these beats,
Now I'm spittin them killa flows
Whacha know about me dog
Not a damn thing
Got a problem, you could see me in the streets dog
I'm a one man gang
Don't take this lightly
If I want you dead and gone
I could make that happen because, nigga my bread is long
I done been on both sides of the track
You could say I changed the game
I lotta niggas tryna get in my lane
Everybody askin me the same old thang
What they sayin

Oh Timbaland, hey, where you gon run to? Nowhere. (x8)

I ain't goin nowhere dog
I'ma be right here in your face
Can't do it like me dog
You keep drummin, gotta enough bass
Don't ever talk bad about me,
You just might make me mad
And I might just see you somewhere, and break your ass in half
This not the Timbaland that you're used to
Now I'm in a whole 'nother zone
You could let me do me, do you, or get popped in your dome
Get love from the burbs to the block
So recognize the game
Timbaland ain't gotta run nowhere, baby
Timbaland got private planes


I been around
Sometime long ago
I seen the light
Don't act like you ain't seen it before

I'm listening dog

You ain't sayin shit
You could keep on wishin, you'll never make a hit
Yeah I got money, take it all from me
I'm gon be the same
You could get a few whips
You could get a few chips
You still gon be a lame
We ain't the same my nigga,
I'm on some other shit
I'ma say this plain and simple
Nigga take this punishment
I'ma take yall on a trip
I'ma take yall on a ride
And one day I'm gon dip
But I won't be hard to find