1. Beginning Oath歌詞

「Beginning Oath」の歌詞 いとうかなこ

2009/10/28 リリース
After the rain
And after all he broken hearts
Silence embrace us
Like blankets of stars in the sky

I'd ask an Angel
If I ever have the chance
You gave up your world...
Why your dreams, why it asked for more...

Your seeding of love
Streach out the timeless branch of life
The tree of hope will grow
Before the storm
Holding faith my heart
Your love, resolve grows strong
So storng

I'll ask the Angels
So when you get there I will know
I give you my world...
And your dreams, inherit in mine

Your seeding of love
Strech out the timeless branch of life
Sleeping in peace my love
The night has gone
Holding you my heart
This oath will bind us strong
So strong