1. Broadway Kisses歌詞

「Broadway Kisses」の歌詞 八神純子

2007/12/19 リリース
Sandy Margolin,Roger Bruno,Ellen Schwartz
Sandy Margolin,Roger Bruno,Ellen Schwartz
You've been giving me those broadway Kisses
You've been playing to the back of the house
And bowing your way out the door
You send me roses and pretty pictures
Your feed me candy and tender songs
And I reach out for more

Why do I believe your theater sighs
Why do I applaud your neon highs
When I know it's just a part you play
And you've memorized the lines you say
You're looking far away
To Broadway

You keep telling me those tired stories
You're a pro at those worn out moves
And you smile when you add up the score
You sell me all your dreams of glory
You think of stars and your nama in lights
And I ask you what for

Why do I believe your theater sighs…

You're looking far away
And your eyes are turned away
And your heart is far away
On Broadway

You're looking far away…