1. We're Gonna Make It After All歌詞

「We're Gonna Make It After All」の歌詞 八神純子

2007/12/19 リリース
Ellie Greenwich
Ellie Greenwich
We're gonna make it after all
'Cause after all look what we've been through
We're gonna take it to the sky
We're reaching high the way we used to do
You're the only one who understands me
And you're the only one
I wanna tell my secrets too
The only time
I'm ever really happy is the time I spend with you

We're gonna make it to the end
You're my best friend
And I'm so into you
We're gonna take it all the way
This time we'll stay because we want it to
I'm the only one you can rely on
And I will never lie
No I will never let you down
If you need a shoulder you can cry on
I will always be around

Tonight we'll make up for the time we lost
We'll never break up, not at any cost
No, I can feel forever
I can feel it coming together
We gonna make it

I'm the only one you can rely on…

We're gonna make it after all