1. more than words~in my heart~歌詞

「more than words~in my heart~」の歌詞 奥井雅美

1997/9/26 リリース
I used to like
That I look up the sky
by myself in the twilight

I was too young
and I thought that I was strong
more than anyone else
Well, I know I was so selfish

And when I close my eyes
There I am, I been living alone
But you slowly, slowly fade away

I was so lonely,
but now you made me happy
There well be no more lies
or no more unnatural smiles
Because I realize
that the most important thing
is to be ah
Dear friend, forever

I was so fool
I thought our friendships
would never happend
It's only an illusion

I have been reject in relying to the people
Cause I felt a shame
and I scared that to be honest

Somebody's warm arms
holding my cold body and soul
Yes I know,
I know that the change is coming

I believe your everything
from now and forever
There will be no more shyness
or no more to be hesitation
and now I got my way
to reach real friend's world
Never lose you and be
Dear friend, forever

Never say good-bye to you, my friend
Because I make our dreams come true
Now that I found myself
Dear friends, forever
Now I found the truth
Dear my friends, forever