「IT'S TOO LATE」の歌詞 松田聖子

1996/5/14 リリース
Ya can't stop what's already started
Ya hold back...but I know where
your heart is
Ya can't hide the way you feel
Cause you know how good it's gonna be now

One step to paradise
So won't ya come a little bit closer
Some things you can't deny
And some things you can't control...no

It's too late
You can't fight love
It's too good for you to run away from
It's too late and it just feels right
It's gonna be so good tonight

The best part is yet to come
And I know you're thinking 'bout the two of us
We're so close and we can't stop now
It feels too nice for you and I to slow down

One step is all it takes
Make it better than you ever had it
So let's take it all the way
There's no use in holding back...no

It's too late
We can't slow down
It's too good
And getting even better now
It's too late
I can read your mind
It's gonna be so good tonight

Why ya gotta play so cool
Acting like you're thinking about it
Ooo Ooo tell me what you're trying to do
When we both know
You can't live without it now

Don't you know that