1. Theme of "Midnight Cab"歌詞

「Theme of "Midnight Cab"」の歌詞 浜田省吾

2001/8/22 リリース
Shogo Hamada
Shogo Hamada
I went a friend's funeral. We've been friends since we were sixteen years old.
Go way back. I saw faces I haven't seen in years. Everybody looked so old. I'm sure I
did, too. The funny thing is I've known this old buddy of mine for over forty years. But
I'm not feeling sad about his death. I mean, sure I'm sad. He was a good man.But we all
die alone. That's the way it is. Painful thing is seeing his wife and kids. They're still so
young. I didn't know what to say. Death has meaning only for those who are left behind.
Hey, Mister, do you have family?
I think that when someone dies without family, he never truly lived-an existence that
never really existed. But then, life only has meaning to those living. Because I'm here
now, the world exists around me. And there you are driving.