「Captured Moment」の歌詞 矢野顕子

2014/3/26 リリース
Jeff McLean
You stood beside a fountain,
And my camera caught the moment
Even though I did not yet know you,
In that instant, you were mine.

You smiled with compassion
And reflected joy that I've never known
Then deep in my imagination,
Suddenly, my heart had grown.

But now the crowd has swallowed
Everything my mind created.
My eyes search across the plaza.
In an instant you are gone.

Somehow my heart is open
I can feel you in the distance
Surely if I keep on pursuing
You will know that I'm the one.

I walk through the city,
Passing thousands who are not there for me.
A flower begins to open
Its beauty not yet seen.

I stand beside a fountain,
Where my camera caught a moment.
From then on, I am ever searching,
For our lives are intertwined.