1. THE PRINCE OF JIGOKU (地獄の皇太子)歌詞

「THE PRINCE OF JIGOKU (地獄の皇太子)」の歌詞 聖飢魔II

2009/9/16 リリース
Awake in utero, formed in a pig's belly
Future King is void of decency
Sired in the gore, bile, malady
Watching from the pit, humanity

Ah, now the time has come
Dynasty has begun
Our black nativity
Godless invocation!
Godless invocation! Invocation!
Long live the Prince!

Afterbirth shines black and red
Thorny manger dark royal bed
Mark of the beast burning his head
Drinking virgin blood from the bead

Ah, now the lord had come
Bathed in blood and worms
A force against divinities
Genesis revelations!
Genesis revelations! Revelations!
Long live the Prince!

Ah, eternal night has come
But God sleeps on the Sun
The age of blasphemy
Timeless opposition!
Timeless opposition! Opposition!
Long live the King!

Ah, bow down in reverence!
Rejoice in decadence!
Ah, God sleeps in the sun!
JIGOKU has come!
All hail His Majesty!
Our new history!