1. REE('95)歌詞

「REE('95)」の歌詞 郷ひろみ

1995/11/22 リリース
Like all those happy ending stories
We lay side by side through the night
Never a reason to say sorry
When you call my name I'll be there

It is half past midnight when it's dark and cold outside
I'm never worried cause you're always with me
I can feel emotion speakin' deep inside our hearts
We're gettin closer to be just as one

Ree, touch me please
Let me feel all of your hidden affections
Ree, faithfully
I'll send my love for you, this much that I can do

I'm livin in a situation
Only few ran enjoy in a life
No need for love sophistication
I'm just happy to see your lovely smile

There may come a time when you and I
Could be just facin' separate ways
I'm afraid to see that
But I'm sure that we can find ourselves
In harmony again
And I am willing to take that chance

Ree, won't you please set me free
From all those indecisions
Ree, wait and see
I send my love for you, this is what I can do