1. FELLOWS1.5歌詞

「FELLOWS1.5」の歌詞 10-FEET

2007/7/25 リリース
Others just a background. Friendship's just for using.
You'd be here forever. Everything will be lost.
Others mirror yours, if Friendship is friendship.
You are actually fragile. There was nothing at all.

I don't feel a thing, so deeply into this silence.
I just heard this one, just this one word. Oh, oh.

すよ! すよ!
すよ! すよ!
すよ! すよ!
を 「ひとり」じゃないから!

Preciously explain your honorable self.
I'm special (extraordinary) and hold proudly my almighty- strong sprit (soul).
Face and go into adversity with a brilliant step.
It should become the extreme hope of becoming a legend. OH! MY!
Study and become modest,then force a new environment and be born to new life.