1. HEY JAH歌詞

「HEY JAH」の歌詞 8otto

2007/10/10 リリース
Toshikazu Yoshioka
8otto,Toshikazu Yoshioka
Down, You get.... Perfection. I'll be Loco. It's just pop out. We get cold one. It sends “count down.” We looking (at) No chord. Ouch!! No cord. We just go on. Look in the Mirror. Again (We) go on. Oh, It's my own.
Hey Jah, Hey Jah, It's over. It's over all I feel. Stay in cold. Stay in cold. It's over all I feel, now. Damb, you get cold one. This is tied you. I looking no chord. The same colors. I get go on. The same capa. I looking no wrong. It's just chaos.