1. know-it-all歌詞

「know-it-all」の歌詞 99RadioService

2011/9/9 リリース
there are so many things that I don't understand
nobody tells me why I have to do it
I need some purpose to do the thing
I don't wanna do that
there are too many things that I would like to be
nobody teaches me how I can be that
I'm thinking on and on I cannot make sure to me
I often act like a know-it-all
cannot so much as know who I am
I put the blame for the fault on
the others and neglect it all
all I want is the light lasts here to morrow
where is the way leads me into the answer
as I don't wanna make an excuse however
I go on to think of a
story for Sunday

all I want is that I love you tomorrow
the day before yesterday and forever
you're may be gonna lead me into the answer
I must say the words to you
'sorry for Sunday'