1. Hood Boy歌詞

「Hood Boy」の歌詞 Ak'sent

2008/7/16 リリース
I need a hood boy, I'm lookin for a hood boy, are you that hood boy That H.O.O.D.


Yes. I need one on my team take a chance hood boy and you'll find out what I mean
I like his swag the way he sag when he wearing his jeans
He from Cali or new York or any where in between
And I don't even gotta ask I know he doin his thing good man bad boy with hood credibility
(Gangsta) other chicks be on em but my hood boy feeling me
down for whatever in the hood is where he love to be

I like them boys in the Cadillac in the club in the back sipping on yac I got that hood baby this is where is at I like em hood I like em hood boy X2

Plus errytime u see em his whips be European or a Chevy ridin high fly when he drive by
And if he low riding he doin the west side stash for the 45 incase u gettin outta line
but he keep his composer keep him some doesha hot box the rover that's my solider
Bottle when he come over settin my mood right
Cool type but will fight that's what I want my dude like


It takes a G to please me a guy like Plies or trap star like Jeeze, project baby just like your boy Wheezy, or a made boss like 50 or Jay Z
You are so amazing true gangsta just like them Haitians or like those Puerto Ricans, down in Miami Terror Squad'n and they cakin'
I need a dude like S class or a dude to push a Cadi like over S class
I'd take a lane if I could but I can't help it I like some hood