「COMING HOME」の歌詞 Alyssa Graham

2009/3/18 リリース
Every explosion just like the erosion settles down
with my tears
When I'm gone I'm sinking in the mud
Breaking heart I'm losing blood
I gotta climb back up

Every impact our bodies remain intact next time I
won't let go
Now you're spinning round the sun, my satellite's
begun to send a message
To your world

Coming home....

Every solution brings more confusion it seems
I'm to for gone
I break down like a pick-up truck engine broke,
wheels are stuck
I have to walk this one out

Coming home...

All the forces riding horses shake the ground
Earthquakes knock me down
Now the wind is blowing my return is slowing
disaster can't hold me back

Every battle has a matter that's more difficult for me
to break on through
I'm shackled to the wall, through the doors and
down the hall
but I'll tumble back broken, humble me

Coming home...