1. SAKURAZAKA-桜坂- (Piano Version)歌詞

「SAKURAZAKA-桜坂- (Piano Version)」の歌詞 BENI

2010/3/10 リリース
I whisper softly into the wind
Hope you are happy wherever you are
Even though my love for you still remains the same

Swaying sunlight through the leaves
The scent of cherry blossoms
A light shade of red I see reminds me of loneliness

You were the only one, I knew it the day I met you
Nobody ever made me feel how I do
But we never became one

Even though I knew was love
Even though spring is about to come
Even now I dream of you as I did before

The color of your kiss is just like the cherry blossoms
All that I ever wanted in this world was to hold on to you

Together you and I, we would go on forever
Innocent promises from long ago
Turned into tears I've cried

Even though I knew was love
Even though flowers will bloom at once
Even now you still are who you were before

We can't be together
Through the seasons keep changing
You're still the one I love

You were the only one, who understood my desires
That's why to this day I'm still
Chasing my dreams