1. The Right歌詞

「The Right」の歌詞 BIGMAMA

2009/11/4 リリース
why? fluttery wings whispers in my ears
wooden chair a simple bed
that's all what's in the room
opened eyes see an angel here
welcomed me formal smile
somehow a weary look
after while or so of meaningless dialogue
awfully bitter face
forced me to decide

vanish all memories be born again, or fly in pain
to the sky the world above with your memories
go ahead up to you because you gained the right
it's only one

one week's time do as what you like
for the light of their life
many go to seek
but there's just one thing you can never do
touch or hold you can not do
nobody notice you

to say the truth it didn't take
much time to make up my mind but for angel
I acted just little bit unsure
before I thought out

after promised time angel took my hands
nodding so gently, as if it was her wish for the right