1. Where's The Ring?歌詞

「Where's The Ring?」の歌詞 BIGMAMA

2009/11/4 リリース
missing where's the ring?
you know?

promised to marry me
today is gonna be a worst day
last night I stole the ring
hide it in the Momo's house
this morning in my home
after scream and out cry
can hear you're crying low
settle back against the wall

don't worry now you can trust me
horror's a nothing
hey girl don't you look so saddy?
before I knew I was running to dog house
missing where's the ring gone?
you know?

the time when I arrived
at the dog house in a hurry
Momo greeted me
unhapply than usual face
look for the ring but why?
couldn't find it in her house
asked Momo where the ring is
turned away and lay grouchily

this is story of famo ring
story of smelly ring
it was found afterwards
however never wore