1. 40 -FORTY-歌詞


2002/7/24 リリース
I touch your fire
The pressure of the cylinder rises
The gravitation 'tween us enforced
Our skin smells scorched
The bodies soak for
The signal of the blood device
The rhythm of the beat bang us
It rises
It rises

I am a servant of desire
You're wrapped up in water
Intersected, intercourse with the blood
Biting meat, sucking bones
Sipping liquid, touching freaky
Grabbing the every nerve of an emotion
Charmed by you and luna thing
The memory of the sea we're in

There is it
There is it
There is it
It's there

I hear a voice say stop
I hear a voice to push me
The curve lightened by T.V
I calm down my rough breath
Got my rhythm back
Forgot the washed-away feeling for a moment
Gimme a memory
Alcohol in the midnight
Neither morning coffee nor the evening shower ever changes
Rain keeps falling 40フォーティー days
Still raining
We crawl on the ground in the valley of the building
Where we lost the smell of blood and we looked for the beat
The loops of a release and a spell
We hold on again...

Looking for more, and
Looking for more, and more,
more, more, more....
Residents of darkness
Trusters to the darkness
I don't believe the moon...

There is it
There is it
There is it
It's there