1. Hen Night Limousine歌詞

「Hen Night Limousine」の歌詞 Big Strides

2008/9/8 リリース
Hen night limousine
I know where you been
On the streets of Cardiff
It would be so hard if
You were there wearing L plates
Wishing you could drive straight
Good to have a chauffeur
Even not to go far
Just around the block
Throw up on your frock
Come back home with no regrets
And some dodgy bloke you just met

Hen night limousine
Comes in white or pink
What colour do you think?
Take us to the ice rink
Bowling in your high heels
Ripped to the tits on Lambrini
In a plastic cowboy hat
And a polka dot bikini

Hen night limousine
Got me kind of paranoid
Swerve to avoid
The stag-do minibus
Hey look at us
Much less fuss
Just pipe and slippers
Dribbling on strippers
In the back of the bar
Don't need a long car
To go drinking in Bristol
Tastes like Rohypnol
Pour it down the sink
One more drink
One more drink and you'll be drunk
Strange things happen
When you're dressed as a monk
It's a dirty habit
Playboy rabbit
Coming at you staggering
Haggling the price of snakebite
Time to get on your bike
If only you had one
And that's where you went wrong

Hen night limousine
I know where you been