「El Camino」の歌詞 CARLITO

2006/7/12 リリース
I take you for a ride today
in my mighty new machine.
Car is like an angry horse
with engine.

It goes fast and it goes far.
So fasten seatbelts now.
Hold on to somebreros.
I will show how.

Come and take me for a ride.
I want you by my side.Tonight.
So get this auto moving.

Pump it, year, pimp my ride.
I want you by my side. All

Come amigos, friends an cosinos,
Girls and boys and everyone
we know, now.

In my El Camino, El Camino.
From Pueblo to Acapulco
Cruising round and living la
vida, now.
In my El Camino,
in my El Camino.

A little up a litte down.
It's a very bumby road.
But no need to be afraid.
look, no hands.

Flames are comimg from the
And tires almost burn.
Carlito drive like action-man.
No return.