1. Move歌詞

「Move」の歌詞 CSS

2008/7/23 リリース
Adriano Cintra,Luiza Sa,Lovefoxxx
Adriano Cintra
Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up!
You gotta keep on moving(4x)

If I could jump backwards straight to the dance floor
Will you still be waiting for me?
Will you still be my friend?
I don't wanna bug you out with crazy ideas
For I know this ain't a good place for us to talk

You better get your move on...
or all the good ones, will have gone.
Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up!
You gotta keep on moving

If you want to say goodbye
If you want to play seek and hide
Do you still got the time?
Do you really need to be time?
If there's nothing that you like
Everybody is so so free outside
There's no need for playing nice
Do you know what?


All the stars are about to die
But you don't need to have insights
I gon't want to change your life
So please, hold me tight tonight.
We could really use a cab
Don't go out and crash your car
I don't mind being yesterday
Just take me again...


If someone drops you on the floor
and you just don't know who did it.
Just flick your hair and try to kick
gather as many people as hit!
You do what you gotta do
but please listen to me:
Don't let no one play you a fool
like throwing a stinky drink on you