1. Song Of Long Ago歌詞

「Song Of Long Ago」の歌詞 Carole King

2008/2/1 リリース
"Well, right about now I think I'm gonna get some help. Would
you welcome please Charlie Larkey on bass. This is about some
old friends. It's called "Song of Long Ago." not to be confused
with "Long Ago and Far Away." You see, I wrote this under the
heavy influence of James Taylor."

Whispering wind came uninvited
Looking for somewhere else to go
Here is a lamp I've left unlighted
Aren't you someone I should know?

Memory's flame is soon ignited
Lighting my lamp with amber glow
Quietly friends are reunited
Singing a song of long ago. La la la

Cry, cry for someone
Who just can't be happy
And be glad you can feel enough to cry

Younger than always, time descended
Bringing me brand new seeds to sow
Now that they've been a long time planted
What must I do to help them grow?

If it had been as I intended
I wouldn't have the peace I know
Loving the people I've befriended
And singing a song of long ago, la la la

As it began, so I will end it
Singing a song of long ago
Loving the people I've befriended
And singing a song of long, long, long ago