「U, BLACK MAYBE」の歌詞 Common

2007/7/25 リリース
You've seen the way they done your boy
And the boy still crying...crying...

Can't no go around
They gon' play me down
No one know just what's inside
Doing dope and doing times
Why they messin with ya mind
Black maybe.

[Verse One]
I heard the white man justice, black maybe
I was delivered into this world as a crack baby
Hard for me to pay attention and I act crazy
I gotta get over from the tip
I watched a fat lady sing a song
On how we guerillas in warfare
And I'm the king of the kongs
They say we dreamin wrong
The same streets them lingered on
Now Walgreens are gone
Hope is killed fiends are born
We leanin on a wall that ain't stable
It's hard to turn on the hood that made you
At least be afraid to
To the same streets that raise you that made you can aide you

But other black birds are caged to
A rage up in the Harlem and the Southside
Brothers are starving with their mouth wide open
Float across the state
Got the work out of plan
So they can move weight
The fate of Black man and woman and child

[Hook] (2x)
[Verse Two]
He had the game since he used to hoop the channel
Neither the ghetto nor the defenders can trap him
The Stones had his back and they panel
He was living the life that they could fumble
College's getting at 'em with all types of scholarships
Even if he went they knew he would leave college quick
For the pros
The one from the hood that was chose
The black rose that grew in the jungle
A humble stud still have rumble in his blood
Women all around give him the trouble love
You know the love when you up and the down
Cuz you're rap above they ground your win is there clown
The dude's in the circle eating on for years
Shared beers and cheers
But chose different careers
When paper and fame came they didn't know how to react
The same stud shot him in the back now that's
Black (nigga)

[Hook] (2x)

When we talk about Black Maybe
We talk about situation
Of people of color
And because you are that color
You endure obstacles and opposition
And not all the time from the other nationalities
Sometimes it come from your own kind
Or maybe in your own mind

You get judged you get laughed at
You get looked at wrong
You get cited for not being strong
Struggle just being you
Struggle just being us
Black maybe
Black maybe...