1. Donkeys歌詞

「Donkeys」の歌詞 Cursive

2009/3/10 リリース
Don't lie, where have you been?
Your teeth are red your eyes are peppermints
sailing out to sea with your new best friend
you don't like the way you live so you play pretend
But isn't it time you act your age?
You got a mortgage on your shoulder, got a babe on the way
You shrug it off with your jackass grin
thinkin, "As soon as you clean up you're gonna do it again."

He says, "Woah-oh-oh-no, I'm goin' to Pleasure lsland I don't wanna
come home.
The reverend says beware he swears we're going to hell, we may be
donkeys but at least we have a tale to tell."

Don't start with the slap on the wrist,
I don't need no cease and desist - I ain't foolin 'round
and it ain't no sin, so's you best be steppin off
those ugly ulitmatums.
Never you mind what your old maid says, there ain't nothin to complain
so long's you're earnin bread. She's got a way of gettin under your skin,
she plants a little seed of doubt - the guilt blossoms.

She says, "Whoa-oh-oh-no, if you're going to Pleasure Island you can
never come home, The problem with you kid, is you can't say no, You
can't tale a little nibble, you gotta lick the bowl."

I pushed off - I'm sailin away... and I ain't lookin back, can't have you
seein me this way. This just might be my greatest mistake:throwing
the future tense away for the present's presents, my life was void of
pleasure but it sure was pleasant-

He says, "Whoa-oh-oh-no, I'm goin to Pleasure Island and I ain't never
goin home. I'll make an ass out of myself sooner than say I'm wrong,
yeah, I'd sooner be buckin around in the mud -

Whoa-oh-oh-oh I'm goin to Pleasure Island, I ain't comin back home.
Mama's thumpin her bible she swears we're goin to hell, and papa's
just jealous, he wants to come here as well.

We may be donkeys but at least we have a tale to tell.