「THE LINE」の歌詞 D'Angelo

2000/1/24 リリース
I've gotta tell U, tell U about it
I've been gone for so long
I just wanna sing my song
I know U been hearin'
Hearin' a lot a things about me

Oh I know, I know
I've heard, I have heard it all 2 clear
This is what I am going 2 do

I am going 2 hold, hold on, 2 my pride
I'm gonna stick, stick, I'm gonna stick 2 my guns
I'm gonna put my finger on the trigger
I'm gonna pull it and we gon' see what the deal
I'm for real, I just wanna put it, put it on the line
I've gotta put it on the line
And we heven't got much time
I've gotta put in on the line
Know what I'm talking about this evening
I've gotta put it on the line

I gotta bullet in the chamber
And I'm not afraid of the danger
We've gotta go down 2 the wire
I'll go through the fire with U kill & die with U
I know everybody watchin me, the pressure is on
From every angle political 2 personal
Will I hang or be left hangin, will I fall off
Or will it be bangin'
I say it's up 2 the man upstairs


Vamp out