1. Fly Away歌詞

「Fly Away」の歌詞 Daniel Powter

2008/8/20 リリース
Hey there little baby won't you dry your eyes and tell me
What I want to know
You say your tired of this town and being pushed around
So you're heading down to mexico

Tell me now do you still got the same bikini
That you wore in 65
The one with the rose and the yellow bound bows the one
That made me feel alive
(Fall in love)

And if your daddy asks me where you are
What am I supposed to do
Just tell him the worlds just passing me by
And I ain't got nothing left to prove

So fly fly fly away
And if our love is stong we'll never go wrong

Cause that's the place to be
So bye bye bye baby... and if you ever come down
We can still fool around and watch the sun set into the sea

I asked a little black bird who sat on my roof
Where did my baby go
Sometimes life can throw you off track and
Where we end you never know

And if your daddy asks me where you are...
What am I supposed say
Tell em the world's just passing me by
I'm gonna live my life my own way


You send me pictures of you dancing all night long
Dressing as you used to be long long ago