1. High on Life歌詞

「High on Life」の歌詞 Def Tech

2005/1/22 リリース
Livin' the island life you learn to give
From hand to hand it's the prerogative
Amidst the positive ways of my paradise
Floatin' see feelin' nice it's a way to entice
Anyone to fun, don't even think twice
Just pack some bags, away you go
The natural flow pacific island rainbow

アラームがまえ きたあさ
ぼけあたま からだびたシャワー
朝日あさひるまで一時間いちじかん 友達ともだちむかえにいざ出発しゅっぱつ
昨日きのうダビッた MDサウンド抜群ばつぐん
はじまったばっか あつなつ

Tokyo to bungalow with ocean barbeque view
With honeydew on your lip, the only life to pursue
It's how we do, cruzin' 50ft yachts
The crystal water trot, my island home hot spot
So what you think of our affair your home won't care
Take our dare no despair and come to repair
Your soul, under control the Jawaiian way
Live today, your way it's time to play

Let's surf ショート ロング ボディーボード
Any kind you want
Let's surf おきかってさあ
ドルフィン パドルアウト
Let's surf なみ友達ともだちと ハイファイブ 握手あくしゅわす
Let's surf sets coming catch the wave go ride going off

High on life in the island time, it's a lion vibe, iron life
High on life in the island time, lion vibe, iron life

赤道せきどう直下ちょっか みなみ島々しまじまかぶ ジャマイカ ハワイ 沖縄おきなわ
あつ太陽たいようした 毎日まいにちなつ パラダイス
サマータイム わらない
みみすましこえてくるなみおと 永遠えいえんかんじさせてくれるよ

We jammin' on a rock on the Ring of Fire
Dancin' all around, the sound will take you higher
To a place you never, ever been before
Liftin' up your spirit shiftin' you at the core
Come explore our island world and see how it's done
We livin' in the sun, havin' fun, the journey's begun
One time, sunshine, come find, you'll see
The island spirits in you, I know you'll agree

はまからえる view もいいけど
スケールでけえよ テ・キエロ
イエロー to レッドわるサンセット
いまむねおくがぐっとせつなく いた
なぜかもっとここにいたく いた
きみき うずくまる

The Nesian way's the only solid way to face your day
Lookin' over the ocean, settin' pace with the waves, I say
So many people come to leave it all
Thousands of mile, nowhere, Jawaii has it all
Rain drains, sun comes, it's a cycle of life
Pacific island, right, open heart, open sight
Come see, believe, mountain ocean harmony
Flowin' together, forever into the sky we're free

High on life, island time, lion vibe, iron life
High on life, island time, lion vibe, iron life